The Brubaker Family

The Brubaker Family

President Brubaker and I are excited to be here as the Mission President and companion of the Belgium Brussels Netherlands Mission! We love your sons and daughters, and feel to thank you for the wonderful missionaries you have raised! This is a very unique mission. Our mission includes two countries, and five languages, not including many dialects spoken in the Netherlands. The missionaries are teaching many people from all around the globe. With the help of the Spirit, the missionaries are finding those who have been prepared to receive the Gospel. This is truly the best mission in the world, and we are honored to be a part of it. We will try and take good care of your sons and daughters. We love them so much already!

We have 5 children and 11 wonderful grand children. We have so much fun together! We are grateful for the support they have given us as we prepared to leave for three years. Our home is in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have raised our family in the Millcreek Holladay area. We enjoy many activities together. We are happiest when we are hiking in Southern Utah, cross-country skiing into our rustic cabin in the Uintahs, enjoying a good game of Train or Settlers of Catan, or just being together and sharing a meal with each other. We love our family so much!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Passing of Our Dear Sister Cornelia Moore

Our mission received Elder and Sister Moore a few months ago.  Sister Moore was born in Holland, and you could just feel her excitement to "be home"!
 Sister Moore instantly won the love of the missionaries, the young adults in the Hague, and all she met.
 She had insurmountable amounts of energy.  Even with her health challenges, there was no stopping her capacity to share love wherever she went.  Even with a broken wrist she continued to find ways to keep cooking for the Young Adults.  Elder Moore would joke and say, "I have become her hands."
Sister Cornelia Moore passed away suddenly in the land where she was born.  We have no doubt she continues to bless those dear loved ones whom she has been re-united with, and there is much rejoicing going on to welcome her back"home".

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